EFG Hermes
AR 2021

2021 was a transformational year for EFG Hermes and its continued evolution into a regional financial service powerhouse. The company wanted their 2021 Annual Report to showcase the unveiling of its branding as a universal bank in Egypt with three distinct pillars: investment banking, non-bank financial services, and commercial banking operations.
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EFG Hermes’ operations connect people, businesses, and communities to the broader financial ecosystem throughout its footprint. From leading on the region’s most important new listings, to creating bespoke financing solutions for growing enterprises, to connecting small business owners to vital capital – EFG Hermes is the bedrock of the region’s financial service industry and an engine of growth for companies, individuals, and communities.

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As one of our longest and most trusted clients, EFG Hermes tasked us with creating a narrative that ran through their annual report to solidify that message and to design a theme to match. The report presents the company’s growth, progress, and outlook for the year ahead through both a digital and print report as well as an insights-driven video to reach the widest set of stakeholders.
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