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2021 was one marked by change and resilience for Amanat. Following a tumultuous year, the region’s largest integrated healthcare and education investment company carved out a new strategy that centered on digital innovation and service excellence, a strategy we were tasked with communicating in both English and Arabic for its 2021 Annual Report.
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Amanat’s extensive track record and proven holistic, hands-on management approach to growing its strategic investments has left an indelible mark on its respective industries. The company is deeply committed to driving long-term, sustainable value for each of its investments and, in turn, the people and communities they serve. It is these impacts that needed to be communicated clearly, concisely, and consistently throughout the report, so we created a reporting suite that elevated their annual report to the highest possible level and served as a launchpad for their updated reporting in years to come.

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We created a visually captivating, bilingual report fit for both digital and print that captured the company’s impressive growth, record-breaking profitability, and solid progress on its long-term strategy of value creation and transformation.

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The report’s success was recognized by the Middle East Investor Relations Association (MEIRA) as the 3rd Best Annual Report – Print Category – Middle East.
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